So much to say, yet words won’t come. – Afzal Guru

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Kashmir
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I woke up this morning to an NDTV news update on my iPad which said Afzal Guru had been hanged. It took me a while to take in this news. I remember hearing about this guy when I was a kid, so many years had passed. It was when a strike had been called for because Afzal Guru had been sentenced to death. I read and tried to find out what this was all about. I concluded and believed; Afzal Guru was innocent of what he had been charged with. Afzal Guru was not hanged. Years passed and I forgot about this man, no news of him. He continued to live, a life where he did not belong, his family left alone to suffer.

It was  a few months back that I came across this online petition which aimed at getting justice delivered to Afzal Guru. So many memories of this man returned, his story returned in flashes. This time I did a detailed study. Following the news by Indian media I came to know that there never was sufficient proof against Afzal.

The Supreme Court categorically stated that there was no evidence to show that Mohammad Afzal was a member of any banned organization. In fact the Court acquitted Afzal of the charges under POTA. They held: “The conviction under section 3 (2) of POTA is set aside. The conviction under section 3 (5) of POTA is also set aside because there is no evidence that he is a member of a terrorist organization, once the confessional statement is excluded. Incidentally, we may mention that even going by confessional statement, it is doubtful whether the membership of a terrorist gang or organization is established.”

None of the 80 prosecution witnesses ever even alleged that Afzal was in any way associated or belonged to any terrorist organization. Despite these facts the police and a section of the media still refer to Afzal as a “JeM activist”.

Excerpts from Mohammad Afzal’s Letter to his Lawyer, Sushil Kumar, Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court :

“Special police told me that if I  speak according to their wishes they will not harm my family members and also gave me false assurance that they will make my case weak so that after sometime I get released. “

I was presented before media hand- cuffed. There were NDTV, Aaj tak, Zee news, Sahara TV etc. Rajbeer Singh (A.C.P.) was also there. When one of the interviewers Shams Tahir asked me about the role of Geelani in parliament attack, I just said that Geelani is innocent. This moment A.C.P. Rajbeer Singh got up from his moving chair, shouted at me and said that he had already told me not to speak about Geelani in front of everybody (Media-person). Rajbeer Singh’s behaviour exposed my helplessness and media personnel at least came to know that what I am saying is under threat or duress. Then Rajbir Singh (A.C.P.) requested the T.V. personnel that the question regarding Geelani should be washed away or not to be shown before public. In the evening  Rajbir Singh asked me if I wanted to talk to my family, I replied with a yes. Then I talked to my wife. After finishing my phone call he told me if I wanted to see my wife & family alive I must co- operate with them at every step.

They made me to sign on at least 200-300 blank pages. I was never given a chance in the designated court to tell the real story. The judge told me that I will be given full opportunity to speak at the end of case but at the end he even did not record all my statements.”

(To read further follow:

As Ajmal Kasab was hanged on 21st November, oblivious Indians awaited and prayed for a similar death sentence for Afzal Guru.

Something deep within me went on believing that Afzal Guru would never be executed, he would emerge as a winner one day, free. I had undoubtedly forgotten  about this place he belonged to, growing up where I had never heard of justice. I had hoped he’d return to his family one day, because he was innocent and never got a chance to tell his story. Its agonising how people in India demanded a death sentence for him, believing what the media reported and not caring to know what the truth actually was. It is not because we are a stupid people, its because, we have a disregard for all things Kashmiri. Somehow, after everything else, I still deep down believed a little in the Indian system of justice. Today I realised that all that ever existed for us Kashmiris  were unfair trials and subjugations.

Afzal Guru was hanged on 9th February 2013 at Delhi’s Tihar Jail at 8.00 AM and buried at the same place. Curfew immediately imposed in all districts of Kashmir.

I cry, I cry

I see black, I see black

I cry, I cry

Time and again we have been given hard blows for standing up, this blow the hardest, for a crime we never committed. As Afzal Guru was hanged to death today, with him died an entire nation, all hopes of an Indian Kashmir. Its just us now, may Allah be with us. I have never felt such a loss of expressions, hardly any words left, just cries of pain and tears trickling down my face. How can one possibly express such loss?

I die, I die

Every time I dream of life

I die, I die

As I write this post, casualties are reported in Kashmir in clashes over Guru’s hanging.

I see fire

Beware, I see fire

It is a funeral procession 

  1. Mahvish Hamid says:

    Reblogged this on I bring sunshine and commented:

    Filled with anguish.

  2. djabbas5 says:

    There are tears in my eyes
    And rage in my mind
    But I know I am a Kashmiri
    And that leaves me with all rights,
    I am a Kashmiri and that’s my crime.
    I want to cry loud
    And tell the people out there
    Guru was not a terrorist
    But my voice is suppressed by them
    Hence I cry in silence
    Because i am a Kashmiri.

  3. Mahvish Hamid says:

    ts the pain deep inside which keeps reminding you that you are alive, still alive.

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